Test, this is only a test

Self test from memory
Pectoral girdle:
levator scapulae
rhomboid major, minor
teres major, minor
latissimus dorsi
is deltoid girdle or arm?

pectoralis major, minor
serratus anterior

biceps brachii (long and short head)
triceps brachii (long head, lateral head, medial head)

Anterior (flexors):
pronator teres
flexor carpi radialis
palmaris longus
flexor carpi ulnaris
flexor digitorum superficialis
flexor digitorum profundus-tendon splits around superficialis
Pronator quadratus

Posterior (Extensors)
Extensor carpi radialis longus
Extensor carpi radialis brevis
Extensor carpi ulnaris
Extensor digiti minimi
Extensor digitorum
Extensor indicis
Extensor pollicus longus-wraps dorsal tubercle

Extensor pollicus brevis
Abductor pollicus longus

Lumbricals-attached to flexor digitorum profundus
Interosseous muscles??? How do those work...
Adductors of the digits? What are those called? Same as interossei?

Abductor digiti minimi-carpal-metacarpal
flexor digiti minimi-carpals (hook of hamate)
Opponens digiti minimi-carpals

Adductor pollicus-metacarpals
Flexor pollicus brevis-carpals (deep and superficial head, different innervation)
Opponens pollicus-carpals
Abductor pollicus brevis-carpals

Forgotten and added later.
Forms palmar boundary of anatomical snuff box TOGETHER.

The scary Longus Brevis Longus Brevis Longus thing:

Midline out:
Extensor pollicus longus
Extensor carpi radialis brevis
Extensor carpi radialis longus
Extensor pollicus brevis
ABductor pollicus longus.

Holy shit. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. Time for bed.

Slackers always win?
Laziest semester in the history of time. Final grades:
ANP 4414001Osteology & Forensic Anthrop4.0
BLD 2043001Mechanisms of Disease3.5
CEM 2552014Organic Chemistry Laboratory3.5
MTH 1243013Survey of Calculus I4.0
NSC 4952002Capstone in Human Biology (W)4.0

Well, I just got dumped.

I'm going to not be petty about it and say it was a difference in our schedules, which is the nice way of saying he doesn't think I have enough time for him, and doesn't want to deal with dating a med student.

I'm not saying it's not fair. It's just frustrating. Especially after my mom basically said I shouldn't be dating because I don't/won't have time to, and no man will want to deal with my being a med student. Thanks, mom.

Oh well. It was only 2 weeks.

Was contacted by a match.com person: "Hi there, I find your profile interesting. I will be honest, you come across as a freak....".

So: I've accurately portrayed myself! Perfect! I wanted to scare away the wussy boys. :-P

Seriously though, LOL.

There sure are a lot of desperate single people out there in the match.com world, trolling for fresh meat. yikes.

I have 100% so far in my calc class! YAY!!! Only 20 points out of 600 possible, but I'm liking the trend, nonetheless.

First Orgo lab tomorrow. Need to remember to wear glasses, bring my goggles, and write up my lab procedure before hand.

Today at my pre-professional club meeting, I tried to walk across a desk-seat, but some idiot designed these new desks to fold up, so when I put my foot on it, it clamped onto my leg like a bear trap. Holy crap that hurt. I am really lucky I fell straight down instead of sideways, or I could have easily broken my leg. I have some nice bruises, anyway, though. Only I can go to a health careers club meeting and injure myself. At least I didn't choke on the huge piece of pizza I had in my mouth at the time.

I'm experiencing a very toned-down version of SAD this year. It's probably just because it hasn't really kicked in yet, due to the mild temperatures and sunny weather we've had for much of the winter so far. The only thing I've noticed is a tendency to sleep WAY too much and not be able to get out of bed (even worse than usual). I'm going to try to nip it in the bud and do some 5 minute tanning sessions once every 2-3 weeks. I don't want to be tan, I just need the UV exposure. It started with the food poisoning but hasn't gone away. I've been staying in bed until noon or later if I don't have pressing appointments. That's teenager behavior that I'm really not a fan of following in my adult life, more than once in a great while.

Training for the 5k is going OK. My plan was to run 2 miles on Friday and then do some weight training afterwards. I ran about a mile and a half, took a brief walking break, then bumped the speed back up on the treadmill, ran about a tenth of a mile, and then accidentally tapped the emergency stop button. DOH! It didn't save my workout, it reset the whole machine! I had to start over and hope I remembered the distance I'd covered properly. I'd also planned on upping the speed just before I bumped the damn button, so instead of easing into a faster pace, I started faster after standing still for a minute while I was re-programming. Because I did this (stupidly), I managed to pull a muscle on the last 1/3 of a mile I ran at a faster pace. I decided stretching and going home was better than weights, at that point. Zumba today to work through the stiffness (hopefully), then I'm going to try to run 2.5 miles tomorrow.

My dad was sad when I told him the winter beer fest tickets were sold out yesterday. :-( He wants to try to find one and meet us there.

Today will be my first actual day of school work. I have a quiz monday and wednesday, my first labs for orgo and anthropology, and my first exam coming up. Monday is also the first AED meeting of the semester, at which I will be trying to sell my MCAT study books :-)

Awkward town
Want to know just how cool I am? Today I had to stop in the Chemistry building to sign up for my NMR machine training, for organic chemistry lab. I did so. Then, decided to pass the 3+ hours I had until my next class by getting some lunch and studying in the BPS lobby. It's new and comfy there, and a nice place to hang out for a while. There's a Sparty's there. I walked down the building-connection hallway, opened the door to the Sparty's area, saw a line of about 40 people. Thought about it for a second. Noticed mohawk guy at the VERY end of said very long line. Didn't have to think anymore, turned around and left. I'm pretty smooth. Normally I'm good about being friendly and mature in those situations. Today I just wasn't feeling it. The end :-)

My clothing order arrived today! Everything is great, except two items, which are not Tall sizes. They don't fit so well. They're going back. Hopefully I can exchange them for tall sizes, but the odds are low considering I got everything on super clearance. I don't know how that happened, the order says S and not S Tall, but I'm usually pretty careful about making sure everything is 'tall'. Oh well.

I took myself to dinner at Olive Garden tonight to finally use my gift card from Carl's office Christmas party over a year ago :P. It was yummy, but I ate way too much and couldn't go to to the gym before it closed, too much ongoing digestion. I discovered bellinis while I was there. Wow. Delicious.

Anyway though, I needed to get to the gym because I think I'm doing a 5k on February 5th. I'm currently enlisting fellow sufferers, who's in??? :)

I'm not sure why I'm posting so much. Sorry.

Anyway. I really want my phoenix tattoo. I have been having a lot of fun compiling a set of images from which I'd like to draw inspiration and incorporate various elements. When I get this thing, I'm going to need a fantastic artist (and a patient one) to work with me on designing the perfect bird. I'm pretty sure I've decided I either want her (she's a lady bird, clearly) on my right hip or across the bottom of my abdomen, about half the distance below my bellybutton. She's going to be relatively large. Probably not huge, but moderately sized. I would love to be badass and do one of these, but I don't think I'm quite there:

I also want a puppy print somewhere, someday. 

Ok that's all.

Game of Thrones is going to take over my life. I can see it now. 

It's a good reward for finishing my school work, though. Still haven't started...Oops. Can't imagine it will take all that long. I was very productive today in other realms. I took Stella to the vet for her annual checkup and vaccines, did a hardware store run for furnace filters, sidewalk salt, etc, went to the gym and got a really good workout in, ate, showered, etc. :-)

Time for dinner. Pork tenderloin!!! :-) What to flavor it with....Onions and mustard cream sauce sound pretty fantastic right now.


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